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Insiyah Vahanvaty is an independent Indian journalist, commentator, and scholar with an interest in the subjects of minority rights, media studies, hate politics, gender and caste-based violence as well as the critical examination of institutionalised human rights violations, particularly in religious and racial contexts. Her columns have appeared in Indian Express, Al Jazeera, India Today, Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, Asia Democracy Network, and The Quint amongst others. Her work has also been quoted by Reuters. Her work on the themes of right-wing politics, as well as the larger geopolitical implications of domestic political ideologies and policies have been published by think tanks and geopolitical analyses and advisory firms including Stimson Centre and Oxford Analytica.Her recent scholarship while based at King's College London includes a critical analysis of the intersection of Indian ethnonationalism, enabling news media, and the reduction of press freedoms, as well as the imperilment of journalists and the crisis of the Indian press. Her work on Ethnonationalist Drivers of the Indian Media Truth Telling Crisis has been published by Routledge Studies in Media, Communication and Politics.

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Research and Publications

  • Khan, A., & Vahanvaty, I. (2024). Ethnonationalist drivers of the Indian media truth telling crisis. In J. Harsin (Ed.), Re-thinking Mediations of Post-truth Politics and Trust: Globality, Culture, Affect (1st ed., pp. 196–218). Routledge.

  • Vahanvaty, Bhattacharya and Singh (2022), Media Freedoms in Ethnonationalist Contexts: Exploring the intersection of ethnonationalism, an enabling media and the reduction of press freedom in India. [Unpublished Master's Capstone Project] King’s College, London.

  • Vahanvaty (2022), The Imperilment of Journalists and Crisis of Press Freedom in India. [Unpublished Master's Capstone Project] King’s College, London.